Sunday, 29 October 2017

Tyne Valley Whistle Stops

As part of my bessy mate’s 50th celebrations, myself, Honest Paul, Plymouth Pete and of course the birthday boy himself - Zippy Turnbull, headed across to Carlisle for the starting point of a monumental pub crawl.  Out task was to have a drink in 15 pubs in seven different locations on the Tyne Valley rail line, before getting back to Newcastle before 10pm.

(arr. 10.45 dept. 1225)

After partaking our breakfast in the Market Hall,  we had an hour to tick off a Carlisle hat-trick. I picked out 3 pubs that I hadn’t been to before, which were close together.
1.The Last Zebra - Lakeland ‘Entente Cordiale’ (3.9%)***+
2.Thin White Duke - Loweswater Gold (4.3%)***+
3.The Fat Gadgie - Salopian ‘Pogol’ (5.5%)****

(arr.1232 dept.1339)

The tranquil village of Wetheral has two pubs:

4.The Wheatsheaf - Keswick Waimea Pale (4.2%)****
5.The Crown Hotel - Great Corby 'American Pale Ale' (4%)***+

Haydon Bridge
(arr.1416 dept.1504)
A brief visit to Haydon Bridge to visit two boozers on the north side of the river, where I supped the best pint of the day in the Havelock.

6. General Havelock Inn - Cullercoats ‘Wild North Blonde’ (3.8%)****+
7.Railway Hotel - Great North Eastern ‘Baron Von Frankenstout’ (4.6%)****


(arr.1518 dept.1657)

We doubled back to Haltwhistle, where we had loads of time to knock off three hostelries in the middle of Britain.

8.Manor House Inn - Ringwood ‘Doggle’ (4.2%)***+ (re-sup)
9.Comrades Club - Adnams ‘Nut Blonde’ (4%)***+
10.Black Bull - Allendale ‘Curlew's Return’ (4.2%)***+


(arr.1721 dept.1932)
This was the only disappointing leg of the journey, only having time for two pubs after spending too much time in the Chinese restaurant. We also lost Honest Paul when we ran back to the station.
11.Station Inn - Allendale ‘Golden Plover’ (4%)***+ (re-sup)
12.The Globe Inn - York ‘Otherside IPA’ (4.5%)***+


(arr 1936 dept. 2032)

As the town centre is a canny hike from the train station, we were just going to go to Dyvels, but to get back on target we hiked up to Corbridge in the howling wind and called at the Golden Lion.

13.Golden Lion - Theakstons ‘Golden Lion Ale’ (4.1%)***+
14.Dyvels - Allendale ‘Pennine Pale’ (4%)***+ (re-visited)


(arr.2050 dept.2134)
 After reuniting with Paul on the train our
 seventh and last destination was a visit to one of my favourite pubs
15.The Boathouse - Yeovil ‘Star Gazer’ (4.1%)**** (re-visited)

Mission completed

Back in Newcastle on schedule and time for a couple of pints in the Head of Steam, before staggering to the bus stop at 11.30.

Friday, 27 October 2017

British Sea Power at the Arc

ARC Stockton Arts Centre
Dovecote Street
TS18 1LL

Complete Set list

1. Bad Bohemian
2. Who's In Control?
3. Saint Jerome
4. Atom
5. Oh Larsen B
6. What You're Doing
7.  How Will I Find My Way Home
8. No Red Indian
9. It Ended On An Oily Stage
10. Praise For Whatever
11. Lights Out For Darker Skies
12. Remember Me
13. No Lucifer
14. Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde)
15. Carrion
16. Waving Flags
17. The Great Skua
18. Machineries Of Joy
19.The Spirit of St Louis


My first gig at the Arc and my 4th British Sea Power show.
Highlights include 'Oh Larsen B' 'Praise For Whatever' 'The Great Skua(as always) and Keep On Trying with the dancing yeti!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Wetherspoon Real Ale Festival - Autumn 2017

11th-22nd October 2017

Completed 29/30

So close to completing the full house. I was in the Mile Castle on Friday night and no.19 Atlas ‘Nimbus’ (5%) had just gone off, which would’ve been the real ale bingo!

Tilley Stone, Gateshead (9) 8,9,11,14,16,25,27,28,29
Mile Castle, Newcastle (9) 1,2,3,6,12,21,23,24,30
Five Swans, Newcastle (8) 4,5, 7,10,15,17,20,26
The Quayside, Newcastle (2) 13,22
Ironstone Mine,Guisborough(1) 18

Top 3
1. no.10 Maxim ‘Azacca’ (4.3%)****
2. no.17 Brewster’s ‘Seven Heaven’ (4.7%)****
3. no.23 Vale ‘Steampunk’ (5.1%)****

Click on image to enlarge 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Sham 69 - Newcastle Academy

20th October 2017

Complete Set list.

What Have We Got?
Tear Gas Eyes
I Don’t Wanna
Ulster Boy
Rip Off
Bastille Cake
George Davis Is Innocent
Borstal Breakout
That’s Life
Angels With Dirty Faces
One Faith
White Riot
If The Kids Are United

Hersham Boys
Hurry Up Harry

Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Wedding Present Discography

I first fell in love with The Wedding Present after seeing them on The Chart Show in 1988. The Saturday morning ITV show had an Indie Chart section, which featured the promo video for the band's single ‘Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm’ and after that I was hooked, buying the 12’ single and seeking out their back catalogue.

The band have recently released two long players to add to my ever growing collection. The band’s classic debut LP ‘George Best’ has been rebooted as a live studio album in celebration of it’s 30th birthday, which was recorded by Steve Albini in January 2008.

Also released this month is the second in a series of three compilations, made up of tracks recorded for the Marc Riley show on 6 Music.
Studio Albums
George Best (Reception 1987) ✔VINYL
Bizarro (RCA 1989) ✔CD
Seamonsters (RCA 1991) ✔CD
Watusi (Island 1994) ✔CD
Saturnalia (Cooking Vinyl 1996) ✔CD & VINYL
Take Fountain (Scopitones 2005) ✔CD & VINYL
El Rey (Vibrant Records 2008) ✔CD & VINYL
Valentina (Scopitones 2012) ✔VINYL
Going Going (Scopitones 2016) ✔VINYL/CD/DVD

The Peel Sessions EP (Strange Fruit 1986) ✔CD
Radio 1 Sessions: The Evening Show (Strange Fruit 1998) ✔CD
3 Songs EP (RCA 1990) ✔CD
Mini (Cooking Vinyl 1996) ✔VINYL
4 Chansons EP (RSD release Scopitones 2012) ✔VINYL
4 Lieder EP (RSD release Scopitones 2013) ✔VINYL
4 CÂNEP (RSD release Scopitones 2014) ✘
The Home Internationals EP (RSD release El Segell Del Primavera 2017) ✔VINYL

Tommy 1985-1987 (Reception 1988) ✔VINYL
Українські Виступи в Івана Піла (RCA 1989) ✔VINYL
Hit Parade 1 (RCA 1992) ✔CD
Hit Parade 2 (RCA 1992) ✔CD
John Peel Sessions 1987-1990 (Strange Fruit 1993) ✔CD
Evening Sessions 1986-1994 ✘
John Peel Sessions 1992-1995 (Cooking Vinyl 1998) ✘
Singles 1989-1991 (Manifesto 1999) ✘
Singles 1995-1997 (Cooking Vinyl 1999) ✔CD
Search For Paradise Singles 2004-05 (Scopitones 2006) ✔CD
The Complete Peel Sessions 1986-2004 (Sanctuary 2007) ✘
Ye Ye (The Best of the RCA Years) (Sony BMG 2007) ✘
How The West Was Won (Vibrant 2008) ✘
Marc Riley Sessions Volume 1 (Hatch 2016) ✔VINYL/CD
George Best 30 (Scopitones 2017) ✔VINYL/CD
Marc Riley Sessions Volume 2 (Hatch 2017) ✔VINYL/CD
I have the complete works of the band, with just a couple of compilations missing from the entire collection.

The band have also released a series of live albums and I have a large collection of their singles(which I may feature in a future post)

Monday, 16 October 2017

Kracking Krakow!

2nd-6th October 2017
Pubs listed in order of first visit.

Viva La Pinta
Floriańska 13, 31-019 Kraków
Artezan ‘Pacific’ 5%
Pracownia Piwa ‘Crack’ 4.7%

Browar Pinta ‘Modern Drinking’ 6.4%

Browar Pinta ‘Son of a Birch’ 3%
Browar Pinta ‘Hobby’ 4.2%

Browar Harpagan Skowyt Traktorzysty (4.5%)

Nepomucen ‘Chill Lemon’ (4%)
Browar Pinta ‘Pierwsza Pomoc’ (4,2%)

Tap House
Świętego Jana 30, 31-018 Kraków
Pracownia Piwa ‘One More IPA’ (5.7%)
Pracownia Piwa ‘Tango Z Mango’ (6.7%)

 Propaganda Pub
Miodowa 20, 31-055 Kraków
Pivovar Zubr ‘Černé’ (4.8%)
Pivovar Holba ‘Premium’ (5%)
Zywiec (5.6%)
Warka ‘Radler’ (2%) (bottle)
Zywiec APA (5.4%) (bottle)

CK Browar
Podwale 6, 30-962 Kraków
CK Browar:
Jasne (5.5%)
Weizen (5%)
Dunkel (7%)
Miodowe (5%)

 Muli Qlti Tap Bar
Szewska 21, 31-009 Kraków
Stary Kraków ‘Oktawia’ (5.4%)
Wild Beer Modus Operandi (7%)

House of Beer
Świętego Tomasza 35, 31-027 Kraków
Deer Bear ‘Rockmill Hazy Dreamer’ (6.2%)
Konrad ‘Premium 12’ (5.2%)
Brokreacja ‘The Dealer’ (4.7%)
Birbant ‘Peach Hopsbant Milkshake’ (4.2%)

Beer Gallery
Świętego Tomasza 30, 30-001 Kraków
Grimbergen ‘Blonde’ (6.7%)
Grimbergen ‘Double Ambree’ (6.5%)

Dog In The Fog
Świętego Tomasza 31, 31-027 Kraków
Tucher Helles Hefe Weizen (5.2%)

Tucher Dunkles Hefe Weizen (5.3%)

Plac Nowy 1
plac Nowy 1, 31-056 Kraków,
See menu picture. Drank all five beers from the microbrewery (obviously!)

Omerta Pub & more..
Kupa 3, 31-057 Kraków

Stu Mostów ‘SALAMANDER Strawberry Milkshake IPA’ (5.9%)

Nepomucen ‘Acido’ (5.6%)

Strefa Piwa
Józefa 6, 31-056 Kraków
Disappointing to find no record of what I drank in here, so I must have been very,very drunk!

 Cudny Josef
Józefa 8, 31-056 Kraków
 Trutnov Krakonoš Tmavé 10° (3.9%)
Bytów ‘Pszeniczne’ (4.5%)

Ursa Maior
plac Wolnica 10, 31-060 Kraków,

Ursa Maior;

Drapieżnik (5%)

Ursa ‘Sinful Two Bears’ (5%)
Rejwach na Kazimierzu (4.9%)
Royzbawiony (4.2%)
Deszcz w Cisnej (5.5%)
Czarodziejska Góra (4.1%)

T.E.A. Time Brewpub
Dietla 1, 31-070 Kraków
T.E.A. Time:
Shaggy Dog (4.8%)
Platinum Blonde (4%)
Nettlethrasher (4.8%)
Black Prince (5.6%)
Cherokee (4.5%)
Anaconda (6%)

Estery 20, 31-056 Kraków,

Książęce ‘Tyskie’ (5.7%)
Książęce Ciemne Łagodne (4.1%)

Prior to our trip I picked out 14 pubs to visit while in Krakow. Happy to say I comfortably completed this task, with a couple of extras.