Saturday, 27 January 2018

Evil Spirits in Toon

The Damned
Evil Spirits Tour
Newcastle O2 Academy
Friday 26th January 2018
My first gig of 2018 was for a band I've seen a few times before, but not for a long while, the last time being the Academy in the UK festival in 2006. A capacity crowd witnessed a great set of old and new, with my personal highlights being New Rose, Eloise, Under The Floor Again and Dozen Girls.

Complete Set List
  1. So Messed Up
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  2. Wait for the Blackout
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  3. Lively Arts
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  4. Silly Kids Games
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  5. Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow
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  6. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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  7. Anti-Pope
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  8. Under the Floor Again
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  9. New Rose
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  10. Street of Dreams
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  11. Love Song
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  12. Shadow of Love
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  13. Eloise
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  14. Gun Fury (Of Riot Forces)
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  15. Devil in Disguise
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  16. See Her Tonite
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  17. Dozen Girls
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  18. Neat Neat Neat
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  19. Encore:
  20. Seagulls
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  21. Evil Spirits
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  22. Smash It Up
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  23. Happy Talk

Monday, 22 January 2018

Derby Days

A weekend break in Derby meant there was plenty of good pubs to be had. We were spoilt for choice with 15 entries in the Good Beer Guide, a few micro bars and three Wetherspoon pubs. I set a target of 15 pubs to visit, which was easily surpassed, mainly due to my planned football match being postponed in the afternoon. 

2 and 3 THE STANDING ORDER & THE THOMAS LEPER (Neighbouring Wetherspoon's)

4. THE OLD BELL HOTEL(Sadler Gate)
5. THE PEACOCK INN (Nottingham Road)
6. EXETER ARMS (Exeter Place)

7. THE TAP (Derwent Street)

8. FURNACE INN (Duke Street)
9. SEVEN STARS (King Street)

10. FIVE LAMPS (Duffield Road)
11. HORSE & GROOM (Elm Street)
13. MR GRUNDY'S TAVERN (Ashbourne Road)
14. THE LAST POST (Uttoxeter Old Road)
15. THE GREYHOUND (Friar Gate)

16. FLOWERPOT (King Street)

17. YE OLDE DOLPHIN INN (Queen Street)

19 NOAH'S ARK and 20. THE WHITE HORSE (Moreledge)

21. THE ALEXANDRA HOTEL (Siddals Road)

My favourites were Mr Grundy's, Flowerpot, Silk Mill and The Alexandra Hotel.

Top 5 ales supped..
1. Ronton 'Area 51'  (5.1%)****+ (The Greyhound)
2. Shiny 'Affinity' (4.8%)**** (Furnace Inn)
3. Derby 'Five Lamps Ale (4.3%)**** (Five Lamps)
4. Dancing Duck '22' (4.3%)**** (Silk Mill)
5. Derby 'American Juice Box' (4%)**** (The Tap)

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Morpeth Mods

For the occasion of Honest Paul's birthday we nipped up to Northumberland for a pub crawl of Morpeth. The task was to complete the 8 pubs in the town centre that serve a decent pint of ale. Unfortunately the Riverside Lodge is closed for refurbishment. however me and Zippy still ticked 8 pubs, calling at the Sun Inn after we missed our train back to Newcastle.

1. The Office

2. Joiners Arms

3. Black Bull

4. Electric Wizard

5. White Swan
6. Tap & Spile

7. Black & Grey

8. Sun Inn

Best pint was Rigg & Furrow 'Run Hop Run' (4.2%)**** in the GBG listed The Office.
My first 7 new pubs of 2018, having previously ticked off the Wetherspoon's.