Sunday, 31 December 2017

The 100 Pub Challenge 2017

My personal challenge to have a drink in 100 previously uncharted UK pubs during the calendar year ended with a grand total of 163. Adding together my regular haunts and revisits the overall total is 254.
(* denotes GBG pub)
1. Sweyn Forkbeard, Gainsborough* (JDW)
2. Brandling Villa, South Gosforth*
3. Millstone, South Gosforth*
4. Gosforth Hotel, Gosforth*
5. County, Gosforth*
6. Dodworth Valley, Barnsley
7. The Commercial Inn, Barnsley*
8. Joseph Bramah, Barnsley (JDW)
9. The Old no.7, Barnsley*
10. Arcade Alehouse, Barnsley
11. Silkstone Inn, Barnsley (JDW)
12.The Benjamin Fawcett, Driffield (JDW)
13. Admiral of the Humber (JDW)
14. The Mission, Hull
15. Head of Steam, Hull
16. Minerva Hotel, Hull*
17. Ye Olde Black Boy, Hull*
18. The Three John Scotts, Hull* (JDW)
19. Olde White Harte, Hull*
20. George Hotel, Hull*
21. Hop & Vine, Hull*
22. The Giant Bellflower, Selby* (JDW)
23. The Free Man, Carlton (JDW)
24. The Union Rooms, Bentley (JDW)
25. The Picture House, Morley (JDW)
26. The Old Unicorn. Bramley (JDW)
27. Fanny's Ale & Cider House, Saltaire*
28. Cap and Collar, Saltaire”
29. Hop, Saltaire*
30. The Myrtle Grove, Bingley (JDW)
31. Sir Norman Rae, Shipley (JDW)
32. The Briggate, Garforth (JDW)
33. Rutland Arms, Sheffield*
34. Devonshire Cat, Sheffield*
35. The Francis Newton, Sheffield (JDW)
36. Bath Hotel, Sheffield*
37. Red Deer, Sheffield*
38. The Steel Foundry, Sheffield (JDW)
39. The Wagon & Horses, Chapeltown (JDW)
40. White Swan, Chesterfield*
41. Spa Lane Vaults, Chesterfield (JDW)
42. Rutland Arms, Chesterfield
43. Market Pub, Chesterfield
44. Portland Hotel, Chesterfield (JDW)
45. The Woodseats Palace, Sheffield (JDW)
46. The Wasps Nest, Stockton
47. Town Mouse, Newcastle
48. Brewers Arms, Berwick
49. Brown Bear, Berwick
50. The Sedge Lynn, Chorlton (JDW)
51. Left Luggage, Monkseaton
52. Beacon Hotel, West Monkseaton*
53. Head of Steam, Tynemouth
54. Tynemouth Lodge Hotel*
55. Low Lights Tavern, North Shields
56. Salty Sea Dog, North Shields
57. Chillingham Arms, Heaton*
58. Northumberland Hussar, Heaton*
59. Waiting Room, Newcastle
60. Port of Call, Sunderland*
61. Caley Picture House, Edinburgh (JDW)
62. Corn Exchange, Arbroath (JDW)
63. The Old Brewhouse, Arbroath
64. Three Pigeons, Halifax*
65. Old Fox, Halifax
66. The Percy Shaw, Halifax (JDW)
67. The Commercial Inn, Sowerby Bridge (JDW)
68. The Guildhall & Linen Exchange, Dunfermline (JDW)
69. The Canmore, Dunfermline
70. The Commercial Inn, Dunfermline*
71. Cloisters Bar, Edinburgh*
72. Brauhaus, Edinburgh
73. Red Lion, Alnmouth*
74. Sun Inn, Alnmouth
75. Station House, Durham
76. Colpitts Hotel, Durham*
77. Hills Brewery, Durham
78. New Inn, Durham*
79. Horse & Plough, Bingham*
80. Manvers Arms, Radcliffe-on-Trent
81. Tyneside Cinema Bar Cafe, Newcastle*
82.Water Rat, Ripon*
83.The Navigation, Ripon
84. William IV, Ripon*
85. Lamb & Flag, Ripon
86. Golden Lion, Ripon
87. McConnell’s Gin & Ale House, Jarrow*
88. Dolly Peel, South Shields
89. Trimmers, South Shields
90. Holburn Rose & Crown, South Shields
91. The Marine, South Shields
92. Queen Victoria, Gosforth
93. Blacksmiths Arms, Gosforth
94. Brandling Arms, Gosforth
95. 301 Miles From London, Carlisle
96. Lauders, Glasgow
97. The Raven, Glasgow
98. States Bar, Glasgow*
99.The Merchant, Glasgow
100.  Cosmopol, Glasgow (Completed 28th July)
101. The Land, Glasgow
102. Sloans, Glasgow
103. Cairns, Glasgow
104. Beer Cafe, Glasgow
105. The Crossed Peels, Stirling (JDW)
106. Thistle Bar, Alloa
107. The Bobbing John, Alloa* (JDW)
108. The Coronation Hall, Surbiton (JDW)
109. The Watchman, New Malden (JDW)
110. The Grapes, Sutton (JDW)
111. Newcastle Tap
112. The Dog Beck, Penrith (JDW)
113. The Board & Elbow, Penrith
114. Old Market Hall, Mexborough (JDW)
115. The Imperial Brewery Tap, Mexborough*
116. Leopard, Doncaster*
117. The Ironstone Miner, Guisborough (JDW)
118. The Last Zebra, Carlisle
119. Thin White Duke, Carlisle
120. The Fat Gadgie, Carlisle
121. The Wheatsheaf, Wetheral*
122. The Crown Hotel, Wetheral
123. General Havelock Inn, Haydon Bridge
124. Railway Hotel, Haydon Bridge
125. Manor House Inn, Haltwhistle
126. Comrades Club, Haltwhistle
127. Black Bull, Haltwhistle*
128. Station Inn, Hexham
129. The Globe Inn, Hexham
130. Golden Lion, Corbridge
131. The Moon & Spoon, Slough (JDW)
132. The Bell, Maidenhead
133. The Maiden's Head, Maidenhead

134. The Bear, Maidenhead (JDW)*

135. The Corner House, Maidenhead

136. Conservative Club, Maidenhead*
137. The Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing (JDW)
138. The Heart of Northumberland, Hexham*
139. The County Hotel, Hexham

140. The Grapes, Hexham

141. The Fox, Hexham

142. The Tannery, Hexham*
143. The White Rabbit, Oxford*
144. St Aldgate's Tavern, Oxford*
145. The Chester, Oxford*
146. Chequers, Oxford*
147. The Eagle and Child, Oxford
148. Lamb & Flag, Oxford*
149. The Gardeners Arms, Oxford*
150. The Rickety Press, Oxford
151. The Old Bookbinders, Oxford
152. The Crown, Oxford
153. Fir Tree, Oxford 
154. The Dragon Inn (JDW)
155. Figure of Eight, Birmingham (JDW)
156. The Briar Rose, Birmingham (JDW)
157. The Square Peg, Birmingham (JDW)
158. The Spread Eagle, Adcock's Green (JDW)
159. The White Swan, Solihull (JDW)
160. Post Office Vaults, Birmingham*
161. The Goldengrove (JDW) Stratford 
162. The Goose, Stratford 
163. King Edward VII, Stratford

Friday, 22 December 2017

More Songs That Saved Your Life

The Smyths
Newcastle Academy
Thursday 21st December 2017

The best Smiths tribute band around provided the entertainment for my final gig of the year. The band played a storming 28 song set list, full of classics from Manchester’s finest.

Complete Set list
1.These Things Take Time
2. Hand In Glove
3. William It Was Really Nothing
4. What she Said
5. London
6. Sheila Take A Bow
7.Shoplifters Of The World Unite
9. That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore
10. Girl Afraid
11. Rubber Ring
12. The Boy With A Thorn In His Side
13. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
14. How Soon Is Now?
15. Meat Is Murder
16. The Headmaster’s Ritual
17. Reel around The Fountain
18. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
19.Handsome Devil
20. Panic
21. Girlfriend In A Coma
22. Ask
23. Still Ill
24.Bigmouth Strikes Again
25. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
26. This Charming man
27. What Difference Does It Make?
28. Barbarism Begins At Home

My highlights were That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore, Reel Around The Fountain and How soon Is Now?

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Brum 'Spoons

My first visit to Birmingham for donkeys years, so my mission was to complete the Wetherspoon pubs in the city centre (I've previously ticked The Soloman Cutler) and also add another 2 on route to Solihull.





New ales supped
2. Oakham 'MK Ultra' (3.7%)***+
3. No.18 Yard 'Rudolph's Reward' (3.8%)***+
4. Backyard 'The Hoard' (3.9%)****
5. Oakham 'Raucous Reindeer' (4%)***+
6. Silhill 'Gold Star' (3.9%)***+