Friday, 30 March 2018


21st March-25th March 2018

 I compiled a list of 22 pubs to visit in Berlin during our four night stay. I visited the city's tourist attractions and attended 3 football matches, which kept me out of the pub, so in the end I was content enough to have supped in 16 boozers.

Complete pub list
Brauhaus Lemke
Bei Sclawinchen
Hop & Barley
Schoppe Brau Taproom
Alt-Berliner Weißbierstuben
Vagabund Brauerei
Zum Starken August
Metzer Eck
Monterey Bar
Cafe Neues Ufer
Gasttatte Sophieneck
Castle Pub
Top 5 Beers supped
1. Spent Collective 'Red Oat Ale' (5.9%) @HOPFENREICH
2.Schoppe Brau ' Holy Shit Ale @SCHOPPE BRAU
3.Stone Berlin 'West Coast IPA' (6.9%) @CASTLE PUB
4.Aegir 'IPA' (6.5%) @KASCHK
5.Vagabund 'Sweet Darkness' (5.8%) @VAGABUND BRAUEREI

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